Soothing, Mindful Guitar Music for Enhancing Your Joy & Relaxation.   

Play video below to listen to a sample from "Ole", 
the Best Selling Album 
by Jason Eastwood.
(actual album over one hour!)

  • Award-winning composer combines Hot Hatha Yoga music with the sublime sound of the classical guitar giving you real music that helps you DESTRESS and escape into a CAREFREE state of FEEL-GOOD RELAXATION.  
  • Hours of the most gorgeous guitar music to take you away; just press play for a bath of positive energy and break away from the noise of your busy day. Easier than meditation!
  • Guitarfulness music is inspired by the ancient Hawaiian healing tradition of Ho’oponopono. It brings the mind, body and spirit into a state of "zero limits" where utmost clarity and freedom help you to feel light and be your best self.
  • High quality audio tracks feature soothingly "perfect" guitar frequencies professionally mixed for healing clarity. Delivered to you by your choice of instant download, CD or simply stream to your mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc). APPLE MUSIC/iTunes Inc.
"OLE" (oh-L-ai)
Full Album by Jason Eastwood
 (CD Pictured below)
This is the first of 4 albums you'll receive in your 
Feel Good Music Collection!

"This is not just usual relaxation music, this is what heaven sounds like. You become part of the sound and the sound becomes all of you. It penetrates every part of your mind and and body. Jason's guitar music is the best I've ever heard. I have a few of Jason's albums and love all of them. Even when you listen to them over and over, they always sound like new songs instead of songs repeating themselves. What I like the most is the guitar music always sounds so crisp, clean and clear. It is very difficult to make guitar music sound like that, but Jason does it every time. I'm a big fan. You WILL love this music. It doesn't seem like you are listening to it because it melts into you and becomes you."
- Jay Williams

BONUS #1 - The lovely little ebook "An Introduction to Ho'oponopono"
You may not be familiar with the beautiful Hawaian healing practice called "Ho'oponopono" that was the inspiration for the music on "Ole".  This little ebook will explain the basic simplicity surrounding the mantras of love and peacefulness of mind that the ancient art focuses on. This one-of-a kind "secret" ebook is only available right here. 
BONUS #2 - Another Full Album of Tranquility! The other best-selling Healing Ambient Classical Guitar album "Wai" by Jason Eastwood
    • “Wai” is the Hawaiian word for water. This album was inspired by the work Messages from Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto.  Emoto made the claim that water exposed to positive words formed beautiful crystals in the water.
    • This new groundbreaking album by Jason Eastwood applies this process to music by subliminally adding the positive words "Love" & "Thank You" inaudibly below the tranquil, all-original guitar music.
    • 53 more minutes of High quality audio tracks featuring soothingly "perfect" guitar frequencies professionally mixed with subliminal positive affirmations. 
    Play Video Below to hear a sample from the new album "Wai"
    (Full album is over 53 minutes of music)
    "WAI" (Water)
    Full Album by Jason Eastwood
     (CD Pictured below)
    BONUS #3 - "Messages in Water Picture eBook"
     In this free bonus ebook you'll see the pictures Emoto says he took of frozen water crystals effected by words, thoughts, and feelings.   You'll also see photos of water crystals after being exposed to various styles of music!  

    BONUS #4 Order today and you'll also receive "GUITARSCAPES"

    A Soothing Combination of Ambient Classical Guitar Music and the sounds of our most serene environments

    Play Video Above to Hear Samples of All 5 Songs on "Guitarscapes" (actual album is one hour long)

    • An album of relaxing, ambient classical guitar music mixed with the serene sounds of our world. One Full Hour of music and nature! 
    • This newest album from Jason Eastwood features  professional field recordings of some of our most relaxing soundscapes combined with his patented style of flowing, gorgeous guitar.  
    • Imagine you're relaxing at a beautiful water fountain in the morning, or taking in the majesty of the ocean waves, or maybe watching the rain through the window, or even camping under the stars on a beautiful night while Jason performs uniquely soothing pieces on the classical guitar just for you!
    Full Album by Jason Eastwood
     (CD Pictured below)

    And here's Album #5 in Your FEEL GOOD MUSIC COLLECTION... 

    "A very talented young man."
    - Bernhard Gueller, Conductor, Symphony Nova Scotia 
     " class phenomenal! AWESOME!!!"
    - Greg Gardner, Radio Show Host CNJU
     "When I listen to this album, it feels like an intimate performance just for me."
    - Zenaida Soares

    "Peacefully, On Guitar"

    a new album of ambient, solo guitar music by Jason Eastwood

    CD Version Pictured below

    Play Video Below to Hear Excerpts from All 10 Songs on "Peacefully, on Guitar"

    The Story of How Jason Created the "Most Relaxing Guitar Music in the World"....
     I woke up in a pool of my own sweat, still wearing the suit jacket, dress pants, the Italian shoes I usually wear for my guitar gigs...

    But I had absolutely no recollection of performing... in fact, I didn't remember anything at all from the previous evening.

    Did I play last night? 

    It's early afternoon, I'm dying of thirst, and I have an incredibly bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about last night...

    Oh... and I'm incredibly hung over.

    For the last two years I had been playing guitar three or four nights a week at "Le Bistro by Liz", one of the finest restaurants in Halifax, Nova Scotia where I was living.  

    The restaurant was conveniently located right across the street from my apartment building. It was a dream gig.

    I had a great following of local supporters who would come and check out my shows, and the owner Liz paid me extremely well considering I only had to play 2 or 3 hours a night.

    But on this dreaded day, I was worried that I had totally blown it.  

    See, I was feeling incredible Deja Vu. This very same scenario had happened once before.  

    A few months earlier, on the day after I graduated from Dalhousie University with a Master's in Musicology, I woke up and had no recollection of anything from about 4PM on the previous day.

    All I knew was that it was Thursday, and Wednesdays I had a weekly residence at Le Bistro for a solo guitar set from 6-9. 

    Did I show up last night?

    See I had started celebrating my graduation early that day having many drinks with a bunch of friends. I was out of my mind by about five in the afternoon. 

    When I woke the day after my grad, my guitar and sound equipment weren't in my apartment. I concluded that I must have made it to the gig.  

    I still have no recollection of playing that night.

    When I crawled back to Le Bistro "the day after", Liz said that I had shown up last night and I was up there strumming away, but she had noticed that I wasn't really playing any coherent songs.

    After a while she realized I was just hopelessly playing improvised nonsense.  

    How embarrassing.

    Liz realized something was incredibly wrong and she sent me home.

    Luckily, she laughed it off and said she understood because I had just finished my thesis and had to let off steam.  

    She's a very gracious and understanding person.

    But what now as I lay here once again in the same situation? I was totally Clueless of the circumstances surrounding the night before!!!???

    Had I drank myself into oblivion and showed up to my gig in a blackout state again?

    As I lay in my bed feeling worse than I ever have, I realized that my guitar and sound gear were missing. This led me to the conclusion that I must have somehow made it to the gig!

    I'm going to tell you what happened when I returned to my guitar gig at Le Bistro by Liz the day after I played a set in a complete blackout state... for the second time in a couple of months! 

    But first let me quickly tell you a little about how I got there.

    I started playing the guitar at age 11. 

    I really wanted drums, but my parents insisted on a guitar first for obvious reasons... (keep it down! haha)

    At first I thought the guitar was amazing and magical... if I could only play a C chord and sing "He’s Got the Whole World in his Hands" like my teacher! 

    But I quickly became bored of trying to learn to read the notes just to play "When the Saints Go Marching In."  

    Luckily, soon after I got my first “Ghetto Blaster” and was totally seduced by rock music on the radio. In grade 7 when I was 12, I went to my first concert - Van Halen on the 1984 tour. Eddie Van Halen was like a mystical wizard with the guitar!

    I was hooked forever.  

    The next Christmas I received my first electric guitar and dove in full throttle.

    My obsession with Ozzy Osborne's guitarist Randy Rhodes led me to begin studying the classical guitar, which he was an avid student of.

    I tried to get into university for music when I was right out of high school but I didn't make the cut.

    But I still kept playing... a lot.

    From the age of 18 - 35 I played all kinds of music in all kinds of places - rock 'n roll, electronic music, jazz, blues, folk, country, polka and almost every style under the sun.

    I had mild successes with record companies, played in a touring rock band that released two full-length albums, performed at music festivals all over North America, and also worked as a journalist.

    But I always kept playing the classical guitar...

    Then in 2007, after some very hard living and many trials and tribulations playing with bands in Western Canada, I moved 5000 kms away from where I was living in the mountains of British Columbia to Halifax where I was accepted to study music at Dalhousie University.

    I was 35 years old, but I finally got into the university music program I had dreamed of being in since I was 18.

    I completed a Bachelor of Music Degree in composition and then did a Masters' Degree in musicology as well. 

    I was hired by the university to teach "History and Techniques of the Guitar", a position I took over from legendary guitarist Don Ross who was leaving his professorship to continue touring the world.

    I was a professor of guitar at one of the most prestigious universities in Canada. I had a great apartment on the ocean and a fabulous high paying regular guitar gig right across the street from where I lived. The world was my oyster!

    But something still wasn't right...

    When I returned to the scene of my guitar gig at Le Bistro by Liz the day after I played a set completely blacked out drunk for the second time in a couple of months, I had a feeling it wasn't going to be good... (no kidding Sherlock lol!)

    Restaurant owner Liz was visibly upset when I walked in.

    She said I had passed out on stage as I was playing. My guitar fell to the ground and everyone just stared as one of the waiters, a good friend of mine, woke me up. She said I then just walked out the front door. Somehow I made it back to my apartment.

    I'll never forget that horrible sinking feeling as she told me what had happened...

    I was obviously devastated and riddled with guilt... why did I drink so much??!!!!

    Liz said she wouldn't be able to have me play at the restaurant anymore.

    This was a new low for me. I had really blown it...

    But hindsight is 20/20 as they say, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed...

    And don't worry there's a very happy ending to all this.

    After I got fired from my nightly guitar gig at Le Bistro, it really forced me to step back and examine my life.

    It was obvious that drinking alcohol had become a problem for me and was really affecting my health as well as hindering my possible contributions to the planet.  

    But why was I boozing so much?

    I had recently started doing classes at a yoga studio down the street from my place. I tried it one day on the advice of a girlfriend and I really enjoyed it.

    It was hot yoga, and I not only loved the exercise part of it I also loved the silence in the room and meditative aspects as well.

    One day while waiting around for class to begin at the yoga studio a sign up on the wall caught my eye - "FREE MEDITATION CLASS".

    According to the sign, which had a picture of monk in a state of obvious bliss on it, the class was being conveniently being taught at the university where I was a teaching. It was too perfect... I had to go check it out.

    The first day of the meditation class I was a little nervous as I didn't know what to expect... but right away just by being there I could feel a shift in my whole perspective on life.

    The class was taught by a wonderfully charismatic physics professor from the university. All that we did on the fist day was meditate together while focusing on a picture of a beautiful flower.

    I found it extremely enlightening and freeing, I was hooked from the start. 

    Soon after that, I got a gig providing classical guitar music for yoga classes at my favourite studio down the street. My Kohno classical guitar is made partially from rosewood from the amazon rainforest (made in 1978) so it even seemed to thrive in the jungle-like heat of the hot room! I loved the new sounds that were drawn from my instrument while playing for Hatha yoga classes, which were moving meditations. 

    My interpretations of the guitar pieces I had been playing for decades began to flourish in new ways becoming more relaxed and present with each yoga concert.

    Although I loved Halifax, I felt a real longing for my family and my hometown of Winnipeg, in the middle of Canada. It's possible a lot of my alcohol abuse came from those feelings.

    So I quit my position at the university and moved home...

    Since then I have totally given up alcohol... (not that I'm judgemental of anyone who chooses to drink at all, it just came to a point where it wasn't going to work for me anymore.) 

    Through an amazing string of "coincidences" involving family members in Hawaii, I discovered the beautiful ancient healing art called "Ho'oponopono". I became a certified practicioner of Ho'oponopono and I started adding spoken affirmations of love from the tradition subliminally to my music. Subliminally means that the mantras are recorded very quietly under the music so they would only be felt subconsciously adding an extra positive vibe to my ambient classical guitar compositions.  

    When listening to my new Ho'oponopono infused music, I started feeling much lighter and experienced a calm joy that I never really felt from listening to my music before. I started sending this new ambient classial guitar music to all of my friends and family, and they would report back with such positive feedback and in some cases miraculous results! I knew I had really created somthing that could help people and I had to share it.

    I launched Guitarfulness to spread the love of peace and positivity through guitar music by using my new deep relaxation formula in my quest to provide you with the most soothing music you've ever experienced. 
    Jason Eastwood
    More Feedback From Satisfied Listeners!
    "I fall asleep to Jason Eastwood's music every night, it's so soothing and I wake up feeling refreshed in the morning."
                             Kathleen Martin
    "The most relaxing music I've ever heard, so beautiful!"
                                                          Suzanne Cooper, Yoga Instructor
    "I love Jason's music from Guitarfulness. We have been having a hard time in the advanced stage dementia care dining room lately with a lot of the residents being agitated and violent resulting in poor appetites and decline. We have tried music therapy with little success. I played your album at breakfast service and they responded really well. The care aides played it at lunch and dinner service as well. One resident pulled his chair up to the speaker and closed his eyes and listened to the whole album straight through. Thank you so much!"
                                                                              Gillian O'Dwyer, Registered Nurse
    "I've been using music from Guitarfulness for studying and writing my papers. I play it on repeat in my headphones while I work and it really helps me focus, thanks! It's great."
                                                                             Heather Caverhill, Phd. Candidate
    "When I listen to it I can practically see the palm trees swaying in the breeze...such positive energy!"
                                                                             Barry Hillman

     For the price of one meal you can have infinite access to a joyous, bliss-like state that you can access any time by simply listening to your calming new music from Guitarfulness...(also fill any space with tranquility!)

    HERE'S WHAT YOU GET TODAY WITH YOUR "Feel Good Music Collection"
    • You get the Full-length "Ole" album, over 57 minutes of uniquely soothing music you can instantly download and/or stream to escape into a world of beautiful musical relaxation whenever you please. ($20 Value)
    • You get the Full-length "Wai" album, another 53 minutes of the most relaxing guitar music to envelope you in a warm bath of sound. ($20 Value)
    • You get the Full-length "GUITARSCAPES" album, another HOUR of relaxing, ambient classical guitar music mixed with the serene sounds of our world. ($20 Value)
    • You get the Full-length "Peacefully, On Guitar" album, a rare collectors album in the guitar community, and like all the others available exclusively right here. ($20 Value)
    • You get the fascinating ebook "Messages in Water Picture Book" where you can see the results of Dr. Masaru Emoto's experiments with words, water and music and how they effect us. Good vibes are important! ($27 Value)
    • You get the ebook "An Introduction to Ho'oponopono" where you'll learn some of the history, techniques, and practices of this beautiful ancient healing art from the Hawaiian Islands that was the inspiration for "Ole". This priceless information alone could infinitely help you achieve new levels of peace and happiness in your life! Get it exclusively here. ($17 Value)
        • All delivered to you INSTANTLY giving you the choice to listen via download (the music is now yours!) or simply & easily STREAM your new music to your mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad etc) for tranquil listening ANYTIME and ANYWHERE!
        • If you prefer to listen to music "old school"' and would like to receive a physical product in the mail; you can Get All FOUR Albums on CD ("Wai'', "Ole", "GUITARSCAPES", and "Peacefully, On Guitar") in addition to your instant dowload/streaming copies so you can listen right now for only $20 FREE SHIPPING! (4 Full-Length CDs Wow!)

        "We're all together in a strenuous time right now, so for a limited time I'm greatly reducing the cost so everyone can get the relief they deserve." - Jason Eastwood - artist 



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        Jason Eastwood - Guitarist/Composer 

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